General Conditions


Reservations: Your booking will be confirmed upon receipt of your registration form signed, accompanied by a deposit of 30% after our confirmation of your stay.
A receipt of your registration, a confirmation is sent to you by mail, accompanied by all the practical information regarding your bike stay:
Equipment List takeaway, places of visit, opening hours and access means …
You can make your regulations or by credit card (via PayPal secure email), or by bank transfer.
Your pre-registration must be registered no later than 30 days before the arrival date chosen our booking calendar stays available.

Payment of the balance: The balance the amount of your stay will be asked your arrival at the place of your stay HOTEL MONTEPIEDRA.

Cancellation : If you cancel your hand, you will be charged the following amounts:
– Between 30 and 21 days: 25% of the amount of benefit spainbike.
– Between 20 to 8 days: 50% of the amount of benefit spainbike.
– Between 7 and 2 days: 75% of the amount of benefit spainbike.
– Less than 2 days: 100% of the amount of benefit spainbike.
The no-show instead of appointments, dropping your hand during your stay, not be entitled to any refund.
In case of cancellation by us, you will be notified 21 days in advance. In its possibilities Spainbike will offer a replacement formula. In case of permanent cancellation from us you will be reimbursed. Spainbike reserves the right to cancel a trip, if the minimum number of four entries per stay is not reached (not leaders). In this case, the amount paid will be refunded in full by Spainbike without compensation, you will be able to choose another holiday in lieu of the canceled stay.
Bicycle trips canceled in case of bad weather independent of the will of Spainbike are not reimbursed.

Each customer must subscribe to a comprehensive insurance policy:
(cancellation fees, lost luggage, bike thefts, medical expenses, repatriation ext …) covering cycling in Europe.
Make sure you are covered before your departure.

Responsibilities: The information provided on our website and in our brochure are indicative and may not be held liable for Spainbike. You will comply with the rules of prudence and safety data by the accompanying Spainbike.
The coach and manager of Spainbike Group reserves the right to remove at any time a person whose behavior endangers the safety or well-being of the group and to change, if circumstances so require ( weather , work …) routes or certain benefits of the program, the coach remains the sole judge on the field. No compensation will not be due.

Individual Insurance: If you are not licensed we invite you to subscribe the necessary safeguards with your insurance company.